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Tagged by :iconblazingmosquito:

Here are the Rules:

1. You must post these rules


2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves


3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions you tag will answer.


4. Choose 10 people +put their icons on your journal.


5. Go to their pages and inform them they have been TAGGED!


6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged you read this'.


7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.


8. No tag-backs


9. Can't say,no tags


10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

1. I met John Rhys Davies (actor of Gimli in the Lord of the Rings) and Max Landis (director of Chronicle) at Abu Dhabi's Comic-Con in 2012

2. I am not that good at modeling 3D. I've tried taking a modeling class but the professor felt a bit vague and the idea of modeling felt foreign to me.

3. I'm wanting to become an animator, cartoonist and comic book artist once I leave college.

4. I have voice-acted in a couple of flash cartoons made by :iconrogerregorroger: back then.

5. Although Tumblr has such a terrible reputation for the Social Justice Warrior wretches that ruin the site with their filthy ideologies, I enjoy the place because of the funnier posts, the gifs and even the art.

6. Although I am terrible at programming, am not that confident in my skills in programming and have no interest or desire to learn it, I would love to make a game be it the premise, the art design, character design or all of the above.

7. I pay no mind to fanbases. That's why I'm able to enjoy MLP, Sonic or Anime in general because what I enjoy in those three things inspire me to draw more art.

8. Although I love watch flash animators on Youtube like Spazkid, Egoraptor, CatFat, OneyNG, Psychicpebbles or even HotDiggedyDemon, I hate the fact that most cartoons on television use flash especially when in some cases the animation looks very flat and shallow. Look at what happened to my childhood cartoons like Arthur and Caillou, the flash animation looks horrendous.

9. Although I hate high school and college for the amount of work they gave us, the school and college that I went to had an admirable atmosphere when it was peaceful.

10. I want a pet hedgehog, chinchilla or even a pet raccoon or squirell. Those things are cute.

Now for those questions.

1.Have you ever had those times that you hated your own old work just by looking or watching it?
All the time, dude. I think looking at my older artwork is one of the many reasons I choose to try and improve it.

2. How do you guys put up with elitism on the internet?

I ignore it or try to correct that person when he says something incorrect.

3. What are your least favorite video game franchises?
Any sports game, Call of Duty as they just seem the same with each release, Kinect Sports (seriously that is just a misuse of Rare on Microsoft's part), Animal Crossing (while it looks cute it doesn't seem like something I'd play). I dunno about franchises but I really didn't like the Sonic Riders sub series.

4.Which would you rather live in a rural country with no trains, bus stops, taxis, convenient stores, gas stations, airports close by or live in the desert New Mexico suburbs with no civilization close by with the exception of a casino & a gas station?

I guess a New Mexico suburban area?  This was a hard one.

5.What’s your favorite mini-game or a side quest mini-game in a video game?

Hmm, the coin launcher in Smash Bros Brawl, Digimon Card Battle in Digimon World 3, the Poke-Aime in X and Y and the cute little Dream Eater tamagotchi thing in Kingdom Hearts 3D

6.What’s your most underrated video game?

I have atleast 10 that I can think of that are criminally underrated.
Robopon, Nightmare Ned, Disney's Cold Shadow, I guess Startropics but I have yet to play that, Sonic Heroes and Unleashed (yes even the Werehog stages), Neverhood, Drill Dozer and Pulseman.

While I would say Mother 3 and Earthbound, they have gained a bit of a following in more recent years to the point where more people are aware of them.

7.In your eyes what do you find most fucked up thing on the internet?

Aside from what 4Chan dishes out, the words of most Social Justice Warriors who take it too far and just some of the most negative shit you can see off the internet from people be they popular or not.

8.What’s your opinion about racist humor?

I find it funny. Regardless of what people say, like rape jokes, a person isn't an asshole for finding something funny. If he ends up taking the joke to the extremes then yeah it's really not funny anymore. Plus you have to time it right and make it clever too. Just saying "nigger" or whatever racial slur isn't funny, you have to use it in a sentence that makes it funny. However, that's just me.

9.What TV shows needs to fucking die?

Living with the Kardashians, The Simpsons, Family Guy, MAD (on Cartoon Network), Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob, Big Brother and any other long lasting Reality shows. Honestly, reality shows are just annoying and they're not really entertaining.

10.When was Comedy murdered?

I honestly don't think comedy was "murdered". See, the way I see it is that when a comedian dies or a comedy show ends doesn't mean that comedy is dead. It's just that there are still some living comedians that can be funny. Plus it also depends on your perception of the comedy. If you over think things, you'll end up not enjoying it as much. Plus comedy, like anything else, is subjective. It depends entirely on what your style of comedy is to your liking.

I'll think of questions to ask and tag people head hurts.
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Hopefully future cartoonist
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Hello there and welcome to my page

I'm glad you took the time to look around. What kind of artist am I? I am a Graphic Designer currently studying at University and while it doesn't matter, I am also a minor in Computer Science. When it comes to art, I generally do sketches and fanart. Although I do take some time to practice animation from time to time. However, I do also like to practice different things and try to go further than what I've done before.

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