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So I got tagged by :iconrandomdc3: and :iconmikal-e: who oddly enough were both tagged by :iconblazingmosquito:

You're an evil genius blazing, an evil genius.

Right then time for the tagging shenanigans to begin.

Here are the rules:

One. You must post these rules.

Two. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.

Three. Answer the ten questions from the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the ten people you tag.

Four. Choose ten people and include them in your journal.

Five. Go to their page and inform that they have been tagged by you.

Six. Not like "You are tagged if you read this".

Seven. You have to legitimately tag ten people.

Eight. No tag backs.

Nine. You can not say that you do not do tags.

Ten. You MUST make a journal (no comments.)

First :iconrandomdc3: 's questions

1: Reboots or Remakes?
That depends on how both are being executed. I've seen some good reboots and some good remakes. But since I like to see how things would look now compared to back then, I'd say remakes. 

2: Who'd win in a fight? T-800 Terminator or Nemesis T Type?
Nemesis because that motherfucker has that boss-ass Rocket Launcher

3: When do you think it's best to forget about fueds, topics or personal grudges?
About two months to a year when it's not relevant anymore.

4: What movie franchise do you hate that everyone loves?
American Pie, Spy Kids, Beverly Hills Cop.

5: If Nintendo, Konami, Sega and Capcom went out of business and Microsoft bought ALL their IPs.... what type of books would you start reading?
Books on how to recover from manic depression.

6: Are you sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus?
Who the fuck isn't? I mean I was ALREADY sick of hearing about her back in 2008/2009 when she was Hannah Montanna I don't want to hear about her twerking her ass off or whatever.

7: If Katy Perry, Kayne West, Lady Gaga and Rihanna all died in a car crash. How little of a fuck would you give?
Who who who and who? I thought these four stopped existing years ago. 

8: Coffee or Coke?

I like to balance my dosage of Coke and Coffee. Though Coffee helps me get through the day easier.

9: What is your policy on Bacon?
Bacon is good

10: Should Mega Man stay dead?
No, Capcom just needs to find the right people to make a good Megaman game is all. If they can't do that, then they might as well find a way to bring Keiji Inafune back. Though I will say that if Capcom does make a new Megaman game, please for the love of GOD don't milk it like you do Street Fighter 4 or like Sega tends to do with Sonic nowadays. 

Now to answer :iconmikal-e:

1. How often do you use MS Paint?
I don't use MS Paint as much as I did when I was younger but it I might want to go back and use it as I've seen people do extraordinary things with it. 

2. Do you like Pokemon, if so; favorite game of the series?
Oh god I love Pokemon. My favorite game in the series is Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal hands down.

3. Whats the meaning of life? I think its a stupid question, but hey.
Be the best person you can be, try to make the most of life and go out and experience as much as you can. Basicallly be a good person and try to make you're life an adventure.

4. Weirdest commision/drawing?
Oh god look at my older artwork from back then and if I showed you my little sketches you'd see the weirdest and dumbest ideas ever. :P

5. Whats the most annoying person in the world? (it can be me if you want :3)
Since I don't want to mention names there are people that I met on skype and real life that grated my nerves by either making the same jokes and insults everyday, talking about the same thing that I don't care about every time or just ramble on about a topic I don't even care about and act like he/she's right about everything or think that way. These are traits that I find annoying. 
6. Any advice to future artists?
Study from life, learn the anatomy, try making character sheets and such if you're planning to make a series and look up various methods of making your coloring and art stand out. 

7. X or Y?
 If this is regarding Pokemon, I got myself X.

8. Where do you see you're self tomorrow?
Hopefully in the future animating or making comics.

9. Inspirations/idols for anything?
AndrewDickman, Spazkid, OneyNG, John K, Masaaki Yuasa, Mamoru Hosoda, Disney and Egoraptor (just to name a few) have all inspired my ideas in animating and art.

10. Will you hate me for asking these questions?
Of course not.

Questions to all of you.

1.What got you into drawing?

2. Have you had any philosophical thoughts at all?

3. Has feminism become a joke to you in recent years because of the members of the feminism community or the radfems or in worse cases Tumblr?

4. Facebook or Twitter? (not gonna include Google + since hardly anyone uses that)

5. Since people claimed that Youtube has gotten to it's worst state, how much more worse do you think it can get or has it already gotten that way for you?

6. What are your favorite sweets to eat?

7. If you were to meet a voice actor or a celebrity at any kind of convention, who would that be?

8. Is Mayonnaise an instrument?

9. favorite animal?

10. Also Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Stick of Truth, Lightning Returns, Lords of Shadow 2
 or Strider?

For these questions I tag :icondoodley: :iconjune-lol: :iconmaverickspectre: :iconshoutakeo: :iconsarahchihuahua: :iconexkeysi0: :iconnikoh: :iconlord-phillock: :iconblyzzarde: :icon1uc4s:

Sorry guys if you didn't want to be tagged. I was just randomly choosing from my watchers list and the people I watch. :P
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  • Watching: Littlest Pet Shop/Christmas Specials and movies
  • Playing: Pokemon X


Hopefully future cartoonist
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello there and welcome to my page

I'm glad you took the time to look around. What kind of artist am I? I am a Graphic Designer currently studying at University and while it doesn't matter, I am also a minor in Computer Science. When it comes to art, I generally do sketches and fanart. Although I do take some time to practice animation from time to time. However, I do also like to practice different things and try to go further than what I've done before.

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